Tanjung Aan Beach

Lombok is famous for its beaches. Some of them that you might visit:

Senggigi Beach

Senggigi beach is the most popular beach in Lombok where tourists can enjoy beautiful sunset in the evening. Its sands are the combination between white and black. There are a lot of accommodations and restaurants nearby. Staying at Lombok Villas you can reach Senggigi beach within 4 minutes drive.

Malimbu Beach

Another option to go in West Lombok is Malimbu Beach. It’s located between Senggigi and Bangsal. It’s worth to visit during your trip to Bangsal before departing to any of these 3 popular Gilis: Gili Trawangan, Gili Air, and Gili Meno

Klui Beach

Klui beach is the right choice for people who don’t like going to crowded place. It’s still very natural and not too many face around. Enjoying sunset in this beach will be unforgettable. It’s 15 minutes drive from Senggigi.

Kuta Beach

Located at the south of the island, Kuta beach is the paradise for the surfers. Kuta Beach one of the most beautiful beaches, especially equipped with its white sands.

Tanjung Aan Beach

Continue going to the south after Kuta Beach, you can enjoy the beauty of Tanjung Aan beach. The main uniqueness of the beach is its sand that is like peppers. Surfers also love going here.

Tangsi Beach

Tangsi beach is more popular as Pink Beach because its sands look pink. It’s located at East Lombok. The pink color is caused by white sand mixed with pink corals.

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