First of all, welcome to Dream Estate Park! Please take care of the holiday accommodation premises like you would take care of yours, even better. Thank you for your cooperation. We trust you will enjoy your stay.

1. Absolutely no smoking inside the building except when provided and agreed for otherwise!
2. When leaving the house at any time unoccupied please lock the doors and switch off all lights and air-conditioners. This also applies for your departure. Staff will do if not switched off!
3. Arrival time is after 14H00. Please report at our office. Do not go directly to the premises.
4. Departure is before 10H00. Please report at our office. Late departures will be penalized financially.
5. Payment will be done at key delivery. In case of advance payment, please show your reservation paper.
6. Do not at any time sit on the furniture with wet bathing suits or dirty clothing.
7. Please remove sandy shoes before entering the house.
8. Do not leave the windows open when you leave the premises.
9. Use coasters when placing drinks on tables.
10. Do not eat except at the dining table[s]. Please report stains immediately.
11. Be aware food rests will attract bugs so keep your place clean as much as possible.
12. No fish may be cleaned on the premises.
13. If you break anything please inform us and settle the cost of replacement with us. Check to make sure that the inventory is correct. Declare any discrepancies when you arrive. Recheck when you leave and report any discrepancies.
14. No person shall place any garbage within or outside the premises except in the containers and/or the garbage areas provided.
15. Some of the closets may be locked and contain the owner’s items. Please respect these closets and do not attempt to open them as it will amount to theft or attempted theft.
16. Occupancy at anytime, for any reason is limited to the number of persons agreed as per your reservation.
17. No pets or living creatures other than human beings are allowed on the premises and any such must immediately be removed and reported to us. Except if provided for otherwise and with consent of the Agents.
18. Vehicles must be parked on the reserved areas and not on the grass. No oil leaking vehicles may be parked on the premises and or on brick paving. A maximum of 1 vehicle are allowed on the premises if available. Prior written approval is required for anything else.
19. Washing of vehicles and or equipment on the premises is prohibited.
20. Please keep the noise levels low, respect your neighbors and avoid offensive behavior.
21. Do not move furniture around in the premises and do not take them outside.
22. Make fires only in places provide and please assist in conserving nature.
23. Use the swimming pool with proper bathing clothing, diving is prohibited, take shower before swimming and do not use any glass or food around the pool-deck.
24. Upon departure please make sure that the premises is generally tidy and all dishes are done packed away.
25. Check the terms and conditions of your reservation and comply with same.


The following services are available at a fee, upon request: Breakfast, Laundry, Ironing, Dinner, Motorbike rental, SPA, etc.